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Texting is convenient and quick. Whatever your questions are, a text gets them answered quickly. If you prefer to call us, call us at 631-682-8288. We look forward to hosting your next private yacht charter.

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“Sailaway with Sailacat, joy, fun and memories for a lifetime and

Kal & Brain
Sailacat - The Hamptons
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Ahoy there!

Welcome to Sailacat

Sailacat was born was born in The Hamptons with one mission: “To offer the most exhilarating and memorable private sailing experiences to the public at affordable rates”. In just a few years Sailacat was quickly recognized as one the leading providers of private yacht sailing charters in the Hamptons, and The Bahamas.

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An experience beyond Expectations

About Sailacat

The Original Hamptons Private Catamaran Sailing Charter

Since the beginning Sailacat has taken the lead in delivering memorable experiences to yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda
Kal & Brian
Sailacat Private Sailaing Charters

Ahoy, me hearties! Prepare to set sail on the wondrous catamaran Serenity, lovingly customized to ensure ye have a jolly good time onboard. Her brand-new Bimini top be a treasure, offering ye shade protection from the scorching sun. Me mateys who yearn for the sun's embrace will be thrilled by the vast space on her wide foredeck. And what be more enticing than a massive hammock up front, where up to 6 shipmates can luxuriate, suspended betwixt sea and sky? But that be not all, me hearties! We have the most splendid and comfy bean bag chairs, fit for the finest deck furniture. They be the ultimate companions for a truly relaxing voyage. With their tear drop design, they provide a bit o' back support, and our guests be so smitten with these chairs that some have ordered their own from me dear friend Brigette at E Sea Rider, to enjoy in their own abodes!

Venture below deck, and ye shall find pristine and modern restroom facilities, scrubbed clean afore and after each charter.

Our Sailacat family boasts many esteemed medical professionals: nurses, doctors, surgeons, and their kin. During the challenging days o' COVID, we joined hands with them to create a protocol, which we still hold dear.

We take extra special care to ensure ye feel right at home aboard Serenity. Ye may board as guests, but ye shall leave as cherished mates.

Sailacat's award-winning catamaran charters be the perfect means to celebrate special moments and grand occasions with yer loved ones. Be it a birthday, anniversary, proposal, bachelorette soiree, family reunion, or a joyous celebration of any sort, we be at yer service.

Our hearty crew, known as Team Serene, shall strive to make yer sail the most splendid day of yer summer. Come aboard and forge memories that'll be etched in yer heart forever!


Booking a Sailacat charter be as simple as walking the plank. Just give us a hearty call, send a message in a bottle, or make use of our convenient contact form.

What To Bring

Now, what be ye needin' to bring on this epic adventure? Gather all yer favorite shipmates, along with some scrumptious nibbles and yer preferred grog (we provide purified water, so kindly skip bringin' single-use plastic bottles aboard, savvy?).


Don yer swimsuits, grab yer towels, and slather on regular sun lotion (mind ye, no spray lotion that stains the decks!). And do remember to don hats that'll stay put, as well as bring along yer beloved Bluetooth music. Fear not, for we supply a mighty fine Bluetooth speaker for yer Sailabration.

As fer what be included, we've got ye covered, me hearties! We provide SUPs (that be stand-up paddleboards), noodles for floatin' merriment, and a floatin' bar to keep the revelry afloat. Our grand cooler be stocked with fresh ice, fit for keepin' yer drinks icy cold. Per the laws of New York State, wee ones under 12 must don their PFDs (personal flotation devices) while aboard. If ye prefer, ye can bring yer young'un's USCG-approved floatation device, though we've got some aboard if ye be needin' 'em.

A word to the wise, me hearties: smokin', vapin', pets, and drugs be strictly forbidden aboard our vessel.


Now, let's talk reservations, arr! Makin' a reservation be as smooth as sailin' on calm seas!

Once ye've booked yer spot and paid yer deposit, ye shall receive a jolly text from us, with a password to our convenient client portal.

Follow that link to complete the easy electronic sign-in process. Look for a wee box beside yer choice of captain, and when ye click it, an email shall be dispatched to us, lettin' us know ye be checked in and ready to sail.

We kindly ask ye to complete the check-in right after ye book.

You will also get an email from us will details you will need to read.

Send us a list o' yer shipmates via text, and that shall serve as our ship's manifest. This list must reach us at check-in or, at the latest, a day afore yer voyage, to avoid any delays in settin' sail.