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Ahoy salts and wannabe salts. If you found this page it means you may have visions of sailing off into the sunset someday and maybe the image stirs you.

I understand that and let me just say, Sailing is easy. If you have the desire to learn, and don’t mind doing some reading , and learning some knots , you can do this. It’s not rocket science.

My father was a Captain,  an avid sailor and also  cruiser of power vessels.

I caught the boat bug from him early on and still Cant shake it. I feel at home near the water and I’m happiest aboard. When I was very young, about 2 or 3 my dad built a 26 ‘ wooden sailing sloop in the yard . Her name was Mischief. She was awesome. Till I was about 8 or 9 I was aboard her every weekend cruising. I loved it.

One of my first memories was sitting on my dad’s knee , I must have been about 4 or 5 and he was teaching me how to steer by tiller . He said pick a distant point of land on the horizon, and try to keep the nose of the boat, the bow, pointing that way. I’ve never looked back. Being on a boat just feels right. <P

When I was about 12 , we did most of the great loop on a Searay  26’ weekender. It was brilliant. I was hooked. Again.

But this isn’t about me , it’s about you.

If you fancy trying your hand at becoming a salt , you can go out and get yourself the encyclopedia of all things boaty , ‘Chapmans small boat piloting and seamanship.’ It’s the ultimate guide and it will get you through from newbie to a 100 Ton near coastal master if you’re inclined to full immersion.

You can also find yourself a mentor . But that’s may be a little old school for some.

These days there are more entertaining ways to assimilate centuries of sailing wisdom.

I personally recommend Grant Headifin, and his revolutionary approach to teaching seamanship, an online school he created , called Nautic -ed. This guy from down under is about as savvy as sailors come and he never ceases to blow me away with his mastery of all things nautical.

I took Grants course awhile back and discovered there was a bunch left for me to learn. & That’s my point. Learning about sailing in particular, keeps us engaged with life, keeps us excited about tomorrow. Seamanship and sailing is a never ending study . 

There are some many wonderful things about learning to sail, weather, storm tactics, taking care of the vessels  systems etc. You will never be bored again! Nautic-ed has a free course below, you can take it and see if you too will catch the boay bug. Personally I hope you do get hooked. I’ve been at this for longer than I care to admit, it still brings me profound joy. We never know where tomorrows winds may take us, sailing teaches us to identify the flow and go with it, not against it.

Sailacat offers catamaran courses in a variety of locations, during North South , relocation cruises spring and fall. Join us aboard a state of the art sailing cat  for hands-on live-aboard training. Our unique offerings cover all phases of seamanship on ICW & inshore cruises, to near coastal & offshore opportunities. Students gain skills by cruising the catamaran on actual voyages . 2 licensed live-aboard instructors will put you confidently at ease behind the helm.   We recommend you take Nautic-ed courses before joining us aboard

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